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Concealed Carry Gun Tools


This app features the tools that every firearm owner and concealed carry permit holder needs to be successful. 100% free and 100% No Ads EVER. Search for a gun range or gunsmith near you, see what local businesses prohibit guns, keep track of all your training and your guns. Read the top industry articles about gun ownership, law, and safety. Get a current reciprocity map for your state permit(s).If you have any constructive feedback that would help us improve the app please contact us.
Detailed List of Features:100% Secure. Your information is protected by username and password
Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map Builder. Input your unique combination of resident and non-resident permits and see what states honor your permit(s)
Access your order history, downloadable products, and courses purchased from
The largest Gun Business Directory in America• Look for Gun Ranges, Stores, Instructors, and Gunsmiths• Search for local businesses that prohibit guns (Gun Free Zones)• Add any new business in any of these categories at no cost
Training Tracker• Log each of your firearm training sessions to:• Get better data around your training• Create a track record of training to counter allegations of negligence and recklessness in future legal confrontations• Each log can include: Indoor vs Outdoor, Live fire vs Laser Simulation, Weather conditions, Target Type, Firearm Used, Up to 5 pictures of your targets, and Much, Much, More
Firearm Library• Keep track of your firearm ownership in order to:• Support insurance claims in the case of loss, theft, or damage• Track the number of rounds fired through each of your gunsFor each firearm you add to your library you can include: Make, Model, Caliber, Serial Number (Optional), Up to 5 images, Date of acquisition, and Much, Much, More
The latest articles about firearm law, ownership, safety, and training for basic and advanced users
Access to read and participate in our Gun Owner Forums and Discussion boards
Get access to active deals and discounts on industry gear